Code Of Conduct

History of Bengali Association of Minnesota (BAM)


This Code of Conduct applies to the following:

  • All Registered Members of Bengali Association of Minnesota (hereinafter referred to as BAM), including all the Board of Directors and ACC.
  • All BAM events including, Puja and Cultural events, Picnic, General Body meetings, Board meetings, and Planning events.
  • All participant non-members that are involved and present in events conducted by BAM.


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to create an environment where all Members, Board of Directors and ACC maintain an ethical standard and compliance to the following:

  • Promote ethical and honest behavior.
  • Promote open meetings that welcome debate of issues.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of fairness, courtesy, and respect for differing points of views.
  • Assures compliance with the guiding principles and regulations outlined in the Constitution of BAM.

This Code does not exclusively address every potential form of unacceptable conduct, and it is expected that the Members and Board of Directors of BAM will exercise good judgment in compliance with the principles set out in this Code of Conduct.


General Meeting Decorum:

  • Members and Board of Directors of BAM, ACC and participating non-members must not engage in any intimidating, harassment, discriminatory, abusive, derogatory, or demeaning language or actions (“harassment” includes, but is not limited to: communication or conduct that a reasonable person in the individual’s circumstances would consider unwelcome, intimidating, hostile, threatening, violent, abusive or offensive. It also includes sustained disruption of talks,
    shouting aimlessly, interrupting other members, and inappropriate physical contact.).
  • Disagreements are welcome but in a civil manner.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and your fellow participants, and treat everyone with respect.
  • Exercise self-control and give open-minded consideration to all viewpoints.
  • Every member should honor each other’s allotted time. So that each member can complete their questions/concerns without any disturbances.

Addressing the Board and the meeting audience:

  • Persons wishing to address the Board and the meeting audience on any item other than the meeting agenda as included in the Notice of General Body Meeting may do so by raising their hand. Such matters will be taken up at the discretion of the President or facilitator during the meeting if time permits. Members are encouraged to participate in the matters in a way that emancipates the ideals of the organization.
  • Each speaker should provide his or her name at the beginning of his or her remarks for the formal record of the minutes of the meeting.
  • Each speaker will be given a maximum of three (3) minutes to speak on an agenda item to allow participation of others & everyone as needed. An extension to that time is an exception at the discretion of the President or facilitator of the meeting.
  • If an individual wishes to submit written comments, he or she may submit them directly to the BAM Secretary ( or BAM Feedback and Questions(
  • Same applies for Q&A related to the agenda as well.


Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct, use of inappropriate or abusive language toward any attendees, and any conduct that disturbs, disrupts or impedes the orderly conduct of BAM events, Board meetings, General Body meetings, or Planning meetings shall result in removal of the individual(s) from the meetings / events.

BAM holds all the rights to enforce this code of conduct and take appropriate action(s) as needed.